The biggest LEGO event in Estonia!
April 22-23, 2023 at 11-17




KLOTSIMÖLL (BRICK RUMBLE) is a family-friendly event for anyone, who loves to build with LEGO bricks. Children can take part in a building contest, where they presents home-built LEGO creations, and more skilled and creative masters will also receive cool prizes. Creations can be submitted by a single competitor or by a team.

Visitors can participate in various LEGO-themed competitions or build with LEGO bricks just for their own joy. In addition, the LEGO Film Room and the LEGO Drawing Corner are open.

In a separate area you can watch the creations and collections of adult LEGO builders. This years main theme is Castles. Last year we also had guests from Latvia - we hope to see them also this year.

KLOTSIMÖLL 2023 is already seventh in a row. Last time, nearly 70 teams registered for the building competition. This time the building competition is on a larger area and different activities take place in different rooms across the schoolhouse. This makes it even more convenient for friends and acquaintances to visit.

Participation in a building competition is open to anyone who is under 18 years old. However, do not leave your registration to the last minute, because the number of participants is limited. You can register here at the website › starting from March 1st.

TICKETS FOR VISITORS: Child's ticket costs 5€ and adult ticket is 7€. Family ticket is 18 €. Ticket is valid on both days of the event.


Are you under 18? You really like to build with LEGO bricks? Register your team with up to 4 members to our building contest! To participate, build a nice LEGO creation at home and bring it to the LEGO DAY to show others. Most creative and masterful builders can also win cool prizes. Participation is free for competitors. Each individual builder or team can be accompanied by one adult for free. Please fill in the form below for registration. 

Be sure to read the terms and conditions (in english) before registering. 

Registration for this years building competition has ended!


Kolga School is a modern, open-minded school in Kuusalu Parish. We offer safe, creative, and individual learning environment. We believe that it is important that our students are involved in various activities, both at school and outside school. The boys and girls graduating Kolga School have a motivated, realistic view on life, they respect other people and the environment.

Kolga School is a COOL SCHOOL! 


How to find us?

From Tallinn: Take the St. Petersburg highway (Peterburi maantee) towards Narva, in about 50 km from Tallinn turn left towards Loksa. After 3 km the sign shows the direction of Kolga.

From Tartu drive along Piibe highway (via Jõgeva and Aravete), turn towards Rakvere after Aravete. Continue through Tapa to Loobu and from there to the St. Petersburg road towards Tallinn. Turn right towards Loksa. After 3 km the sign shows at the direction of Kolga.

When you enter Kolga, drive past the manor and the guesthouse and the restored stone bridge. Shortly after the bridge, there is a sign “Kolga Keskkool” and the road turns left where the red stone roof of the school is already visible behind the pine trees.


  • When do I have to bring my creation to the exhibition?
  • All creations will be brought to the exhibition on the morning of the event. More specific information will be sent to the participants by email before the event.
  • Do we have to register if we just want to visit LEGO DAY?
  • Visitors do not have to register - just come over and enjoy the event :)
  • Is there a fee for competitors at LEGO DAY?
  • For all competitors, participation at LEGO DAY is free of charge. Also one adult can enter for free with an individual competitor or team.
  • How much time do I have to set up my creation for competition?
  • Competitors have 1 hour to set up their creations.
  • Can I remove my work from the exhibition before the end of the event?
  • All creations presented to the exhibition must be on display until the end of the exhibition. Previously removed works will not participate in the evaluation.
  • How big is the presentation area for my creation?
  • Every team chooses the presentation area according to the expected size of their creation when registering for the competition. The finished creation must not extend beyond the edges of the presentation area. For the presentation of the creations, the competitor can choose between surfaces of 50x65 cm or 50x130 cm. In special cases, the surface can be enlarged, but this requires separate agreement with the organizers.
  • Who is responsible for my creation's well-being during the competition?
  • During the exhibition, the team itself is responsible for the completeness and well-being of its creation. Therefore, there should always be a team member or a parent close to the competing creation.
  • Can there be more than 4 members in a team?
  • More than 4 members is not forbidden. Since the prizes are for a team, a larger team has to share it between more people.
  • What are the prizes for the winners?
  • The prizes are LEGO themed gift cards. One prize consists of 4 gift cards - so it's easier to share them between teammates.
  • I would like to build with my friends, but I'm afraid my bricks will be mixed with theirs.
  • Each friend can build a certain part of the creation. Then you can join the parts together. This way the bricks do not get mixed and you get a bigger and cooler creation.
  • Is there also catering on site?
  • Yes, we have a café offering different cold and hot meals and drinks. You have to pay in cash!


The first Klotsimöll was held in April 2016 under the name of "Legopäev" as an event for pupils at Kolga School. 24 teams from their school participated. Even then, there was a keen interest from nearby schools for the opportunity to participate as well. However, the exchibition hall of that year, about 100 ㎡, did not allow it.

By 2017, it was clear that the event needed to grow bigger. From the originally planned in-county event, the enterprise grew to national level. By the time it took place, due to several coincidental circumstances, the "Legopäev" had become an international LEGO party. The exhibition area moved to the large school hall, increasing the exhibition area more than three times compared to before. An exhibition area for adult LEGO fans was added to the existing exhibition of children's creations. For quests there were many different activities and competitions on site. Since 2017, LEGO builders from other Baltic countries have participated on our events. This year, the club of adult LEGO fans, EstLUG also joined the organizers of Lego Day.

Since 2018, our event has taken up more and more school space and has grown to more than 800 square meters. The various halls and rooms of the school are occupied by the activities of the thematic exhibitions. Various workshops, lectures and classes have been added. Guests can enjoy hot meals and drinks, and a café is open.

From 2021, the "Legopäev" was renamed to "Klotsimöll". As last year's event was canceled due to Covid, we will meet under this new name for the first time this year. Along with the name change, there are also many substantive updates with event, but let them be discovered on the spot.

More pictures of our activities can be found here ››